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PRESS ARTICLE : Moris Orkestra, Onward With Music

Moris Orkestra intends to create a real orchestral culture in Mauritius. To do so, the association will rely on its annual academies and other concerts.

by Hénry Rotile

Created in 2017 by the Mauritian clarinetist William Ross and Martine assistant director at the Conservatory of Le Mans, the vocation of the Moris Orkestra extends on 4 axes. The objective of Moris Orkestra is first of all pedagogical in the sense that we wish to facilitate exchanges between local musicians and those coming from France. It is with this in mind that an academy will be held from April 22 to 30 at the Conservatoire François Mitterrand in Quatre-Bornes,” explains William Ross. The diffusion is also another niche that the association intends to exploit: “As an orchestra, we want to give concerts. Thus, will take place on April 27, 28 and 29 at 19:30 at the Caudan Art Center The Blue Penny suite. Under the direction of the conductor Sebastien Taillard, our orchestra, composed for the occasion of French and Mauritian musicians, will perform music from the film The Blue Penny by director Jon Rabaud.

Moris Orkestra has also set itself the goal of inviting Mauritian musicians to join the orchestra: “We have just launched a call for applications. And we were pleasantly surprised by the number of applications we got. After the selection, the chosen musicians will be trained to play in an orchestra,” explains William. Source:

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