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📣 ARTISTE INVITÉ - Nel Bucktowar

Chaque année, le Moris Orkestra a le privilège d'accueillir dans ses rangs des invités aux parcours talentueux. Retrouvez Nel Bucktowar lors de nos prochains concerts au Caudan Arts Centre les 3 & 4 mai 2024.

Saxophone île Maurice
© Nikhil Shibnauth

Nel Bucktowar is a man of many talents - Saxophonist, Flutist, guitarist and music composing are only some arrows in his quiver.

Born in a musical family on the small island of Mauritius, Nel was exposed to the cream of European classical music as well as Indian classical music and popular music from a very young age. With an inquisitive mind however, he started exploring a number of different musical avenues, finally settling for Jazz in his teens.

Then started a journey discovering notes and melodies, innovating all the time and taking him to Malaysia (UCSI university, Kuala Lumpur) for a bachelor degree in Contemporary Music, and across the globe for performances and learning experiences. He notably represented Mauritius with the Dean Nookadu Jazz quartet at the Delhi Jazz festival 2019.

He is one of the most versatile musicians in the country, with ability to play Alto, Tenor and Soprano saxophone, concert flute, Bansuri (Indian bamboo flute), Chinese flutes, clarinet, guitar and sarod amongst others. This, and an MBA in project management, make of him a market-oriented music composer, who seeks musical quality in whatever he does- be it jazz, fusion, ghazal or experimental music. Together with being a music educator and a freelanced saxophone player, Nel is also a lecturer of saxophone, Harmony, arranging and music business and management at the University of Mauritius.

His multiplicity in musical styles and an ever-young mind make of him one of the best in his chosen field.


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